Brash Monumental Masons are proud members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM). Being a member ensures that we are held to account on all aspects of our service that we provide and the quality that you are expecting. They also act as a go between in the unlikely event that there would be any disputes between the customer and ourselves.

                    GROUND ANCHOR


Due to health and safety laws that came into force in 2007 all memorials must now be fixed using a ground anchor to ensure the memorial cannot be pulled or pushed over.

Councils are now testing every memorial in there cemeteries and churchyards every five years, to ensure that they have not become unstable. Memorials which fail are the responsibility of you, the grave owner and must be rectified. Brash Monumental Masons, by following the National Association of Memorial Masons(NAMM)guidelines, guarantees that the memorials fixed by us will withstand these tests and will not be pulled or pushed over.  All memorials from Brash will be fixed to these specifications.

namm fixing pic.png